Transceiver and network manufacture
Transceiver Manufacture
Sidewinder = Ethernet Traffic Generator + BERT + Coding Box + Performance Compatibility Test
32 x 400GE Ethernet traffic &
256 lane PAM4 PRBS generators
A Sidewinder is able to test 32 or 56 transceivers (depends on flavors) simultaneously. There are 32 x QSFP-DD ports at Sidewinder T400 and able to test both NRZ and PAM transceivers from 10GE up to 400GE. It integrates the functions of PRBS and Ethernet generator into one, therefore, both BER and FLR tests can be conducted.
Each port is independent and no sneak test
The port and test flow for each transceiver are independent. The corresponding LED will highlight red when frame loss or bit errors occur at the DUT transceiver. Unlike sneak test, very easy to locate problematic transceivers.
Comprehensive Breakout support
-- QSFP-DD to 2/4/8 QSFP/SFP* breakout

-- QSFP to 2/4 SFP* breakout

* in case of SFP, a SFP to QSFP adapter is required in order to work with T400
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