Traffic Generator
Traffic Generator for Factory Assembly Line
  • Highest density
  • Depends on the specific model, there are 32 to 56 Ethernet ports at Sidewinder. For example, there are 32port 400GE at Sidewinder T400. All the ports can generate Ethernet traffic simultaneously and independently.

    • Support traffic generator on per port level or globally. Up to line rate for any given port, e.g. 400Gbps for QSFP-DD port, 100Gbps for QSFP28 port, 25Gbps for SFP28. 
  • Multiple users to access in the same time
    • Each port is independently controlled
    • Each user may control a subset of ports and no interference to others 
  • User friendly WebGUI
    • Per port configuration on traffic pattern, e.g. SMAC, DMAC, Payload and frame length 
    • Configurations in the group of profile, one click to switch configurations
  • Quick setup
    • No need to install any client software. Manage Sidewinder by Chrome web browser  
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