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Sidewinder is highly integrated Ethernet traffic generator and aims to boost the testing efficiency of network equipment and optical/copper transceivers during manufacture or qualification stage. There are three derivatives at Sidewinder family - T400, T100 and T25, and targets for 400GE, 100GE and 25GE/10GE FLR and BER test.
Wombat is a passive pluggable device for QSFP56 extension. One hand is for plugging into a QSFP-DD/QSFP receptacle and the other hand is to accommodate the insertion of a QSFP56/28 transceiver. By reducing the number of matching, Wombat can effectively protect the connector of QSFP-DD/QSFP’s receptacle at any network equipment or test instrument. Wombat supports QSFP56/200GE and backward compatible with QSFP28/100GE, QSFP/40GE.
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Liaoyun Technology was founded in 2016 at Shanghai and provides highly effective test solution to boost manufacture efficiency for network equipment and optical transceivers.
Make Network Test Easy.
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